A little about me...

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A little about me...

How I entered Tech...

Before I went through the process of changing careers I was a tree surgeon.

I was running a company and was growing at a good pace but having children, and a few close calls 75ft up trees with chainsaws, among other things, started to make me question my choice of career.

I ended up injuring both my shoulders and was forced to reassess my situation, which led me to apply for a full-stack development BootCamp called IO Academy formally known as Mayden Academy.

This was a sixteen-week full-time BootCamp (which I recommend checking out) that covered web development and OOP, after three weeks COVID-19 forced us to all work remotely.

Upon finishing the course, I spent six months looking for a Junior position in a job climate that wasn't equipped to take on Juniors from a remote setting.

Around five hundred job applications later, which resulted in four interviews, I landed a job at the Ministry of Defence under Defence Digital working as a Junior DevOps Engineer.

This wasn't what I thought I wanted but it led me down a path where I found a real love for the job, working in the CLI, building infrastructure as code and working with interesting clients.

Since leaving the M.O.D I'm working as an SRE at a company called Cyber-Duck working mainly with public sector clients. Now my day to day consists of 24-hour support for clients, reacting to cyber security attacks and helping clients understand their infrastructure and the importance of security in the cloud.

Currently, I'm focusing on Linux Administration and going down the RHCSA path to pursue CompTIA Cloud+ after.

In this blog, I plan to discuss Terraform, Linux and interesting tools and my opinion of them.

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